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Where to start to be a property owner in Greece ?


Where to start to be a property owner in Greece ?

The first and the most important thing to do is to visit Greece to view the areas and the properties and learn about the required formalities.

During your stay we can do practically everything within 4 working days (should you be in the position to decide).

We will answer all your questions regarding the program and present your obligations as a property owner in Greece.

In brief what we do during your stay is :
We visit the areas to have an idea about the areas of properties you will see.
We Issue tax id number.
If you decide to proceed further :
We open a local bank account.
We will introduce you to a lawyer or more than one lawyers enabling you to sign a power to attorney document, which gives us the right to represent you with the Greek public authorities.
You sign a property purchase pre-agreement with the property seller.

We register your name as the new owner at the local land registry authorities.
Then we apply for the residency permit(s).
The rest we can do on your behalf.

You don’t need to be in Greece. All payments will be performed from your Greek bank account after you transfer the required funds.

We follow up the whole procedure closely and all the transactions will be reported  to you at every step.

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