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The Greek Education System



Greek education system is administered by the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs. By law, all children between six and 15 years old are required to attend school. Many children do go to pre-schools (vrefonipiakoi paidikoi stathmi) from the age of five, however.
The schooling system in Greece is divided into three levels:
  • Primary education (Demotiko) - six years
  • Junior high school (Gymnasio) – three years
  • Senior high school (Lykeion) – three years
After finishing gymnasio, children also have the option of attending a more practically focused Vocational Training Institute (IEK). In their final year of school, students write the PanHellenic national exams which determine their eligibility for tertiary studies.
The school year in Greece is generally divided as follows:
  • Christmas term: early September to late December
  • Easter term: early January to early April
  • Summer term: late April to late June
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