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Buying a property in Greece

Buying a property in Greece  
If you are looking to buy or you are ready to buy a residence  in Greece , these are the steps you have to follow to achieve your goal :
  • Choose a city area and location ( Mainland Greece - Athens or Islands ) 

You get your decision and  the next step of " I want to buy a property in Greece " is to  to determine the area first . 

Perhaps there's a place near Acropolis, Athens or in another place in mainland Greece, you can see yourself living on. Or maybe you prefer an island . The main and the  first step is to look at properties in your region(s) of interest.


  • Contacting a real estate agent in Greece 
Kindly contact us by sending  the property-related  criteria you wish to receive to our e mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send us your request 
by whatsapp or viber. 
Once you have contacted us with the relevant criteria, we will do the necessary research for you.
You can also conduct your own research at our local site  
  • Physical visit to the property - Property Inspection 
Never buy by ears or do not give any decision from any real estate site, the pictures can give only a general idea for the condition of the property. It is very important to see the property before buying .
İt is not only the property, it is the bigger picture . The neighbourhood of the property is as important as the property itself.  
  • Legal and Technical Due Diligence of the property 
 If you decided that the property suits you , and if you  are ready to make a purchase decision, our engineer will  check the construction suitability of the property concerned.
After the mechanical control , your lawyer  investigate any debt or financial obstacle on the property  and then we proceed with the purchase with a prepayment that will close the circuit of showing the property to other clients. The notary prepares all the relevant documents and concludes the transaction. 
If you hold a European Union country’s passport then you can buy in Greece as easily as in your own country. If you are non-european citisen ( if the value of the property is 250.000 euro's and higher ) we start the residence permit prosedure and within 10 working days the buyer acquires the residence permit for 5 years. 
The residence permit law is not interested to the number or the type of the property. It can be a flat, a detached house, a commercial property or any other property type as well 
as the number of the properties are not important . The law makers in Greece are checking only the total amount spent which should be at least 250.000 euro's.

Vasiliki Veli is a graduate of the Law School of Athens, with postgraduate studies in public and civil law at the University of Athens, as well as postgraduate studies in medical law at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. She has been a member of the Athens Bar Association since 2008 and a partner of the law firm "Bachas, Grammatidis and Associates". She specializes in legal issues relating to real estate transactions in Greece as well as in the provision of legal advisory services to foreign investors interested in investing in Greece either through the purchase of real estate and the issuance of a Golden Visas or through other forms of investment such as the formation of companies.

She speaks and handles English very well.

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Screenshot logoperson AYLIN N.

Hello, I found your website while I search property in Greece, you seem very helpfull to people whom looking property in Greece..I am a an American , orginally Turkish., grandparents was born in Selanik. I have couple properties by the Aegean sea, in zmir and Ayvalik, Turkey.I live in Boston, Ma Nantucket island, USA, during summer. I am thinking to buy small winter vocation house for myself which I am single lady, living on my own. I came up reading information that buying property maybe not possible around Greek islands. I am wondering if possible to buy from Lesvos island, Midilli.I will be appreciated if you about this investment. Thank you.








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